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We care about the privacy of our users. Please review the corporate Privacy Policy. By using the web site or Company Services, you’re willing to own your personal information transferred to and processed within the country. By using the web site or the corporate Services, you’re consenting to the terms of our Privacy Policy


Registration Form, Contests, Surveys And Order Forms

At WAGER our online forms request that you provide us with contact and/or financial information. This information may include: name, address, cell phone number, email address, and credit card number(s). With the information provided we as a company send you information about our services, and we contact you when necessary. Please be advised that at any moment you can opt-out of receiving future mailings or SMS messages (see more about this in the choice/opt-out section below).  

We do not gather your personal information without your knowledge, permission and active participation. This information is utilized by WAGER only, in order to run our site and during our very own marketing mail-outs. We do not sell nor share this information with any other third party entities.

Your financial information is collected solely for the purpose of billing our members for products and services and to check our user’s qualifications for registration.


WAGER as a website has a rigorous security system that protects the mishandling, loss and/or alteration of any of the information under our control.

To provide reinforced security we store our member database in a remote offsite server. Skilled security specialists 24/7 monitor this server; it is also protected and guarded by a top of the line firewall that has automated intruder detection mechanisms.

Additionally, all personal information, wagers or transactions are transmitted and submitted using high security 128bit encryption.

Choice/Opt-Out Of WAGER

You are able to request to close your online betting account at any time, just as long as there are no pending wagers and no balance in the account.